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The complete BMW ownership experience.

The following list summarizes all known service activities performed on this vehicle since it was first purchased new in 1993. There may be a few gaps in the records - especially in those furnished by previous owners (a realistic expectation for a car that is 13 years old and has changed hands several times). However, the overall account of the car's service history should demonstrate conscientious and responsible ownership throughout the car's life. All of the items below can be verified with service receipts, invoices, dealership stamps, or other means of confirmation.

Records from when I purchased the car in March of 2004 through the present are 100% complete, and provide the most meaningful data for determining the current condition of the car.

Mileage Date Service Provider (Location)
205,203 09/10/05 Jiffy Lube (Ashburn, VA)
Drain and refill oil; replace filter (Mobil 1 15W-50 synthetic)
204,610 08/20/05 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Replace driver and passenger side motor mounts
204,522 07/29/05 Auto Sportsystems Group (Fairfax, VA)
Replace waterpump
Replace thermostat
Replace waterpump bracket
Replace breather bracket
Replace multi-rib accessory belt
Replace radiator hose
Replace transmission oil cooler and both inlet & outlet coolant hoses
Top off transmission fluid
Refill and bleed coolant
202,967 05/13/05 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Replace passenger side tail light bulb
202,451 04/22/05 Auto Sportsystems Group (Fairfax, VA)
Replace one Hankook Ventus HRII H405 tire in 245/40 18 size
201,954 03/22/05 Ashburn Automotive (Ashburn, VA)
Virginia Safety Inspection
201,560 01/28/05 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Install Sylvania SilverStar 9005 halogen headlight bulbs
Replace fuel door hinge
200,242 01/12/05 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Replace driver side quarter-window privacy shade (under parts warranty)
199,087 12/21/04 Auto Sportsystems Group (Fairfax, VA)
Diagnose rear clunk
Replace left rear strut mount/plate
Diagnose windshield washer
Replace washer pump
Inspection I
Drain and refill oil; replace filter (Mobil 1 15W-50 synthetic)
198,342 11/17/04 Auto Sportsystems Group (Fairfax, VA)
Diagnose steering clunk
Replace center drag link
Check for wear in other suspension components
Perform toe alignment
Rotate tires
195,538 08/14/04 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Replace MAF (mass air flow) sensor
194,977 07/29/04 Auto Sportsystems Group (Fairfax, VA)
Remove oil pan and inspect (loose) oil pump bolts
Remove bolts and re-torque with Loctite Blue
Replace oil pan gaskets and re-install oil pan
Drain and refill oil; replace filter (Mobil 1 15W-50 synthetic)
193,333 06/20/04 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Diagnose dead instrument cluster
Clean wiring harness connector contacts
Replace instrument cluster bulbs
191,533 05/21/04 Safelite (Ashburn, VA)
Repair 3 rock chips on windshield
191,430 05/18/04 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Install BMW chrome exhaust tips
190,679 04/26/04 Auto Sportsystems Group (Fairfax, VA)
Replace front strut inserts with Boge Automatic shocks
Replace bump stops
Perform toe alignment
Replace ASC+T/power steering filter
Balance tires
190,020 04/11/04 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Install Turner Motorsports (Jim Conforti tuned) performance chip
189,920 04/09/04 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Install 4 McGard 27178 (black) locking wheel bolts
189,889 04/07/04 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Install genuine BMW ///M Parallel 18x8 forged wheels
(with new Hankook Ventus HRII H405 tires in 245/40 18 sizes)
Install BMW black lug bolts (20)
03/30/04 Self (Ashburn, VA)
Install cupholder
Replace driver side quarter-window privacy shade
Replace air filter housing clip
Replace engine cover cosmetic nut blank cover
Replace OBC bulbs
03/20/04 California Tint (Great Falls, VA)
Remove cellular phone antenna
Install SunTek High Performance 35% metallic window film
189,146 03/18/04 Auto Sportsystems Group (Fairfax, VA)
Inspection II
(Mobil 1 15W-50, Mobil 1 75W-90, Esso ATF LT 71141, ATE Super Blue, CF11 Pentosin, BMW blue coolant)
Replace spark plugs (Bosch silver dual-electrode F7LDCR)
Perform compression test (results acceptable)
Flush & bleed coolant system
Flush & bleed brake system
Drain and refill automatic transmission fluid, replace transmission filter
Drain power steering and LAD fluid from reservoir and refill
Replace 2 fuel filters
Replace air filter
Replace pollen microfilter
Replace accessory belts
Replace exhaust hangers to pre-muffler
Replace 2 rear marker lamp bulbs
Balance & rotate tires
Replace passenger side valve cover gaskets, inspect cams (ok)
188,901 03/13/04 Hogan & Sons Goodyear (Sterling, VA)
Virginia Safety Inspection & Emissions Testing
Replace windshield wipers
188,769 03/13/04 DMV (Leesburg, VA)
Title/Registration Event (Sale and transfer of title to present owner)
188,340 02/10/04 Freedom Automotive, Inc. (Sykesville, MD)
Replace right rear strut mount/plate
Replace front brake rotors
Replace rear brake rotors
188,000 11/25/03 Russel Automotive (Baltimore, MD)
Diagnose TRANS PROGRAM Light
Replace speed sensor trigger contact/pulse generator
Replace transmission filter & fluid (5 liters Shell LA 2634)
178,431 07/18/03 Passport BMW (Marlow Heights, MD)
Tow car
Diagnose Check Engine Light & engine not staying on
Replace both driver and passenger side valve cover gaskets
Replace fuel pump
Replace 7-gasket ring
Replace spark plugs (NGK BKR6EK)
Drain and refill oil; replace filter (5W-30 synthetic)
02/25/03 DMV (Sykesville, MD)
Registration Event/Renewal
09/12/02 Freedom Automotive, Inc. (Sykesville, MD)
Machine front and rear brake rotors
Replace front brake pads (BMW dealer part)
Replace rear brake pads (BMW dealer part)
Replace ABS sensors (BMW dealer part)
08/20/02 Russel Automotive (Baltimore, MD)
Replace temperature sensor
150,449 06/20/02 Roy's Body Shop, Inc. (Eldersburg, MD)
Tow car
Replace front bumper cover
Replace front bumper molding (w/ headlight washers)
Replace right molding
Replace lower center grille (w/ A/C)
Replace lower left grille
Replace lower right grille
Replace grille mount bracket
Replace left upper filler
Replace right upper filler
Replace lower filler
Replace center reinforcement
Replace right reinforcement
Replace center reinforcement bracket
Replace left energy absorber
Replace right energy absorber
Replace left air duct
Replace right air duct
Replace 4 rivet covers
Replace side reinforcement bracket
Replace center grille
Replace right grille
Replace 2 grille clips
Replace right headlamps
Replace right headlamp cover
Replace windshield washer reservoir
Replace right windshield washer nozzle assembly
Replace right cover
Replace right base
Replace housing
Replace left parking lamp
Replace right parking lamp
Replace left foglight assembly
Replace right foglight assembly
Replace right support
Replace left side marker lamp
Replace right side marker lamp
Replace connector
Replace 2 lower air distributors
Replace upper air distributor
Replace valve
Replace right foglight nozzle assembly
Replace right side radiator panel
Repair radiator support
Replace hood
Replace BMW roundel badge
Replace right fender
Replace right fender splash shield
Replace right front cover
Repair right side rail
Repair right front extension
Repair right front wheel housing
Replace air filter housing
Paint & refinish affected and blend adjoining body panels
141,057 01/25/02 Russel Automotive (Baltimore, MD)
Drain and refill oil; replace filter (15W-40)
Balance & rotate tires
138,926 12/13/01 Russel Automotive (Baltimore, MD)
Diagnose Check Engine Light
Replace oxygen sensor
11/29/01 Freedom Automotive, Inc. (Sykesville, MD)
Diagnose coolant leak, pressure test coolant system
Replace upper radiator hose
121,208 04/09/01 DMV (Sykesville, MD)
Title (Lien Reported) (Title No.:30043830)
04/09/01 DMV (Sykesville, MD)
Registration Event/Renewal
121,119 04/05/01 Freedom Automotive, Inc. (Sykesville, MD)
Replace rear brake rotors
120,763 03/31/01 Grease Monkey (Great Falls, VA)
Drain and refill oil; replace filter (Mobil 1 15W-50)
02/08/01 Fairfax Auto Parts (Sterling, VA)
Replace battery
114,606 11/09/00 Curry's Auto Service (Chantilly, VA)
Tow car
Diagnose car smoking and leaking coolant
Replace heater control valve, auxiliary waterpump, & refill coolant
113,441 10/11/00 Curry's Auto Service (Chantilly, VA)
Balance Tires
Diagnose Engine Almost Stalling at Idle
Replace intake manifold gaskets & crank venting valve
Diagnose coolant leak
Replace waterpump, thermostat, thermostat housing, hose and pump brackets, & flush coolant
Replace both front hub bearings
Diagnose rear sunshade failure
Replace rear sunshade motor
Repaired transmission fill plug leak
Replace sound absorber
09/07/00 Tischer Autopark (Silver Spring, MD)
Drain and refill oil; replace filter
112,867 09/01/00 Grease Monkey (Great Falls, VA)
Drain and refill oil; replace filter (Mobil 1 15W-50)
112,800 09/01/00 Merchant's Tire (Sterling, VA)
Balance Tires
112,462 08/11/00 Cottman Transmission (Sterling, VA)
Replace Transmission (ZF 5HP30 290 updated model)
Fill Esso ATF LT 71141
07/17/00 Metro Leather & Vinyl Repair (Sterling, VA)
111,850 06/26/00 DMV (Great Falls, VA)
Title/Registration Event/Renewal
111,800 06/23/00 Merchant's Tire (Sterling, VA)
Mount & balance 4 Michelin Pilot XGTV4 tires
108,694 05/15/00 Russel Automotive (Baltimore, MD)
Replace air conditioning compressor
Replace auxiliary fan resistor
Refill refrigerant & replace seals
106,712 03/23/00 Heishman BMW (Arlington, VA)
Inspection I
Replace front thrust rod bushings
Balance & rotate tires
Replace both foglights
Replace right headlight
Replace fan & accessory belts
Replace front & rear brake rotors, pads, and sensors
Pressure bleed & flush brake fluid system
02/27/00 DMV (Falls Church, VA)
Registration Event/Renewal
104,110 02/09/00 (McLean, VA)
Virginia Safety Inspection & Emissions Testing
102,342 12/28/99
Drain and refill oil; replace filter
96,871 09/14/99
Drain and refill oil; replace filter
95,708 08/23/99 Rick Hendrick BMW (Charleston, SC)
Diagnose overheating and coolant leak
Replace radiator
Replace thermostat
Refill coolant
Replace windshield wiper blades
94,218 08/06/99 Heishman BMW (Arlington, VA)
Engine oil service
Replace driver side door seal
Replace driver- & passenger-side front door weatherstripping
Replace column switch for telescoping steering wheel
Replace right brake duct scoop
Replace 3 side marker light bulbs
Top up coolant & tighten 2 hose clamps
04/22/99 A-1 Windshield Repair (Gaithersburg, MD)
Repair 3 rock chips on windshield
85,803 04/06/99 Mr. Tire (Columbia, MD)
Mount & balance 4 Pirelli P4000 Super Touring tires
75,342 10/16/98 Heishman BMW (Arlington, VA)
Diagnose rough running and stalling engine
Perform M60 engine test
Replace Nikasil engine block with new Alusil engine block
Replace 2 self-leveling suspension hose lines
75,135 10/09/98 Heishman BMW (Arlington, VA)
Inspection II (NGK BKR6EK)
Replace transmission reverse shift shaft seal
Replace transmission pan gasket and refill automatic transmission fluid
Replace right exhaust mount
Replace front and rear brake rotors and pads
Repair driver side headrest
Recommend engine block replacement
04/21/98 DMV (Falls Church, VA)
Registration Event/Renewal
61,312 03/26/98 Heishman BMW (Arlington, VA)
Recall: Replace cruise control cable
Engine oil service
Top up power steering fluid
Replace left rear side marker bulb
Balance & rotate tires
51,264 09/17/97 Heishman BMW (Arlington, VA)
Inspection I
Recall: Replace brake light switch
Replace right fog light
Replace rear brake pads & sensor
Pressure bleed and flush brake fluid system
Replace windshield wiper blades
04/03/97 DMV (Falls Church, VA)
Registration Event/Renewal
29,974 07/17/96 Heishman BMW (Arlington, VA)
Inspection II (NGK spark plugs)
Replace left rear quarter window privacy shade
Replace trunk trim faster
Replace windshield wiper blades
21,503 04/12/96 DMV (Falls Church, VA)
Title/Registration Event/Renewal
20,000 03/25/96 Auto Advantage (Manassas, VA)
Sold by Auto-Advantage: $37,800
20,577 03/09/96 (Springfield, VA)
Virginia Safety Inspection & Emissions Testing
20,571 03/06/96 Auto Auction (Eastern Region)
Auction Announced As Fleet/Lease
Sold to Auto-Advantage (Manassas, VA)
10 08/15/93 DMV (NY; Hillard, OH)
10 05/26/93 Wide World of Cars (Spring Valley, NY)
Pre-Delivery inspection/In Service Date