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BMW M Roadster

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Class: A
Serial #: 45
Downloads: 3213
Version: 3.0
Size: 2.5 MB
Rating: 9
Special Features:
Removable soft top
3D Wheels, Visible Brakes
Vidwall | Damage | Interior

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What happens when you drop the BMW M3's 3.2-liter, 24-valve, inline-6 into the gorgeous Z3 convertible? 0-60 MPH in 5.1 seconds to be exact. With 240 ponies and 236 lb-ft of torque available under the elegant hood, the M Roadster can run the quarter-mile in 13.7 seconds. Wider fender flares cover massive 245/40ZR-17 tires on 9" wide wheels in the rear, and huge brakes are visible between the polished spokes. Blending modern safety feaures and creature comforts into a roadster of classic proportions and retro styling, the M Roadster is destined to become an instant classic in its own right. Just don't get a flat tire because this 137-MPH pocket rocket doesn't have a spare.

User Reviews

12 reviews have been posted for this car.

Reviewed by on 2005-05-28 17:56:12 Rating: 10

Reviewed by abhi on 2005-05-12 12:01:28 Rating: 10
Nice wheels!!!!!

Reviewed by on 2003-08-05 19:36:55 Rating: 10

Reviewed by Chris Hughes on 2002-10-26 14:33:16 Rating: 10
Oh yes..........the nearest we will be getting to an M3 for the time being but boy is it gonna be a fun wait :-D

Reviewed by juan pablo on 2002-10-07 13:04:15 Rating: 7
could have been even better!!!!!!!!1

Reviewed by Roy on 2002-09-09 11:01:36 Rating: 8
fish car fish car

Reviewed by Organic Zero on 2002-08-17 06:41:01 Rating: 8
Hey Ben! This is a superb car! all u need to do is to put an upgrade function, since the m roadster is the most basic car on nfsHs. With this, we will have a hellofgod replacement for EA's version...

Reviewed by The Kid on 2002-08-15 00:14:14 Rating: 9
Hey buddy, would be perfect except it needs to be updated. In 2002 BMW bumped the horse power of the M Roadster to 315. And the 0-60 time now resides at 5.0 seconds. Nice!

Reviewed by Robert on 2002-07-17 20:44:22 Rating: 10
It's better than the EA version that why I downloaded.I have a question for you can you create a BMW Z8?

Reviewed by m u g e n on 2002-06-29 05:26:08 Rating: 9
Excellent job ! Immediately replaced EA's version.

Reviewed by George on 2002-06-28 06:51:22 Rating: 7
Great site and equally great cars. This is one car I've been waiting for. And like they say god is in the finer points.

Reviewed by D-Power Factory on 2002-06-28 05:10:27 Rating: 10
Again, Ben, you set the stardards... For a BMW lover like me... yours are perfect! CONGRATULATIONS!