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Mercedes-Benz AMG C43

I have personally designed and developed several downloadable cars for use in Electronic Art's exciting racing game, Need for Speed: High Stakes. Based on actual cars found in real life, my cars are faithful reproductions of some of the most breathtaking automobiles to ever grace the road. Carefully constructed with painstaking detail and realism, all of my cars feature:
  • Dimensionally accurate wireframe models (without using too many polygons)
  • Realistically detailed texture maps
  • Real hood ornaments, emblems, crests, model badges, and other markings
  • Functional headlights, taillights, foglights, and indicator lights
  • Lifelike interiors and dashboards with working gauges and lighted instrument panels
  • Custom damage effects (body panel deformation, shattering glass and lights, etc.)
  • Animated driver movements
  • Realistic sound effects for engine acceleration and horn
  • Accurate acceleration, braking, top speed, and handling characteristics
  • User-selectable paint and interior colors in correct factory schemes
  • Customizable license plates
  • Custom Vidwall backdrops for the Car Selection menu screens
Where applicable, I have also incorporated a few special features for some of my cars. Some of these special features include:
  • Removable soft or hard tops for convertible models
  • Spoilers that deploy and retract
  • Visible brake calipers and rotors
  • Pop-up headlight pods
  • Xenon high intenisity discharge (HID) headlights
I have organized my cars by manufacturer, and you can browse through them by choosing a marque on the left. I have currently designed cars for the BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche marques. On each individual car detail page you will find a description of the vehicle, screenshots, installation instructions, and user reviews for that particular car. I hope you enjoy my meticulous work!

NOTE: All of my cars were updated in April 2002 - some with significant modifications (3D wheels, brakes, enhanced damage) and others with only minor changes (no more "helmet heads.") Be sure to download the latest version of all of my cars, the improvements are worth the upgrade!