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Lamborghini Diablo VT

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Class: AA
Serial #: 16
Downloads: 4654
Version: 3.0
Size: 1.7 MB
Rating: 8
Special Features:
3D Wheels, Visible Brakes
Pop-up Headlamps
Vidwall | Damage | Interior

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Originally released in 1993 for the lofty price of $240,000, the Lamborghini Diablo VT is the all-wheel drive version of the already outrageous 2WD Diablo. "VT" stands for "Viscous Traction" and the engineers are not joking - this 492-horsepower exotic will bark all four tires to 60 MPH in 4.09 seconds and hold a curve with aplomb. The 5.7-liter V12 is mounted behind the driver and in front of the rear axle, and features dual overhead camshafts, chain drive, and four valves per cylinder. 345/35ZR-17 rear tires don't seem that excessive considering the Diablo VT's 202 MPH top speed. With 428 lb-ft of torque on tap, those meaty tires will light up the quarter-mile in only 13.2 seconds. Capable of 60.5 MPH in first gear, this car will literally get your driver's license suspended faster than you can say "What seems to be the problem, Officer?"

User Reviews

45 reviews have been posted for this car.

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Reviewed by Mesut on 2003-06-12 20:15:06 Rating: 10
Gerçekten bugüne kadar yapýlan diablovtlerin en iyi bravo.........

Reviewed by sam on 2003-06-04 08:19:48 Rating: 7
Nice job, but it needs a bit of work compared to Yuryi Antipin's one...

Reviewed by james and lild on 2003-05-25 04:28:21 Rating: 10
dat car is fucking unbeleivablely real da bes animated car i ave seen man dat is a great fucking car yo get wa i saying my bedrin

Reviewed by Not on 2003-04-10 20:41:27 Rating: 10

Reviewed by on 2003-03-25 12:56:55 Rating: 3
Really needs work

Reviewed by Luis Gerena on 2003-02-01 13:53:10 Rating: 9
I guess that you are so good at this that your standars are hard to meet every time,still I dont see why people complain about such a wonderful car. May not be 100% accurate but its a game after all and I love it much more than EAs crappy cars. Keep it up my friend!

Reviewed by ZeratuL on 2003-01-02 21:23:49 Rating: 7
It looks like the one made from EA in NFSHS.You made better cars but this one is not excellent.Sorry.I've downloaded many cars of yours and I like them.

Reviewed by Chris Hughes on 2002-10-26 15:30:29 Rating: 10
Ironically Diablo is Italian for devil and you have captured this cars character perfectly. The wheels look particularly good - hope you are going to include some of the other models too

Reviewed by FunMart6 on 2002-10-13 22:55:09 Rating: 10
Mr. Trapp is an NFS GOD, This car is HellaFine!!!

Reviewed by Pubert (dont make fun of it) on 2002-09-20 17:34:39 Rating: 7
this is a nice car and all but it could use some tweaking. and sumthin does look funny on it but i dont know wat. and could ya design a Murciélago¿?

Reviewed by cristian bi on 2002-09-15 06:23:31 Rating: 6

Reviewed by Roy on 2002-08-29 00:56:38 Rating: 9
Yeah, Ben. Hurry up and make a damn Murciélago. K. Thanks!

Reviewed by Benjamin Trapp on 2002-08-22 19:37:25 Rating: 5
Hey this is me (the author). You all have raised some very good concerns with this car, and I agree it does not meet my usual level of accuracy and authenticity. I mainly built it to replace the EA one which didn't quite satisfy me. I considered removing the scoops too, but left them in because I thought they looked cool. So this car is more a hybrid than a true VT or SV. But in the interest of pleasing my fans, I will take some time soon to correct any mistakes and make this car one model (or the other - haven't decided yet). At least you can drive a Diablo without the silly "SV" script on the side of the car. :)

Reviewed by Default on 2002-08-22 00:19:34 Rating: 4
i believe this car is okay, could definitely be better. i'd like to bring your attention to a couple of things. as was said before, the VT doesn't have the over head scoops, but also, it almost looks like all you did was take the SV, make new wheel textures and take off the SV that was on the side. i have some pics of a real vt, and i noticed that you have an SV front on it. the vt i made doesn't have pop-up headlights, and the front where the foglights appear looks different on the VT than it does on the SV. any, nice SV Diablo anyway, but i'm sorry to say that this looks almost nothing like a VT.

Reviewed by PL on 2002-07-24 22:03:08 Rating: 7
One more thing the VT never had the scoops, that was the SV. hehe :D

Reviewed by PL on 2002-07-24 22:01:29 Rating: 7
Hey Ben, love all your cars especially the BMW's, Merc's and Porsche's. Though with this Lamborghini I feel you didn't put as much effort as you did the other marques. Don't get me wrong the car looks good and I couldn't do anything remotely close to what you have done, but, after getting Yuri's 1993 VT, which looks like one of your cars it's that good bar the rear braking lights (5/5 in all) I feel you should redo this car and make it the usual of what we expect from you and the cars that are made by Ben Trapp (there's that expectancy of your work you were talking about :p ). Also me being a Lamborghini enthusisast could you please make a Diablo 6.0 and/or the new Murciélago?? I'm sure many people would appreciate it and we all know it would be the best out their for nfs. Cheers. PL

Reviewed by James on 2002-07-15 01:48:27 Rating: 10
Its a little off the real thing but i think it looks faster and cooler, James

Reviewed by DAniel polanco on 2002-07-10 06:16:19 Rating: 10
Wow! Good job!!! excellent Cars!! desing Profesional!! VEry nice CArs.

Reviewed by Momma? on 2002-06-29 21:02:42 Rating: 8

Reviewed by Razor_Tuning on 2002-06-28 16:42:59 Rating: 10
I think it looks AMAZINGLY real, and its not even 10,000 pollies!! AMAZING!

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