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Mercedes-Benz AMG C43

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Class: A
Serial #: 23
Downloads: 5108
Version: 3.0
Size: 1.8 MB
Rating: 9
Special Features:
3D Wheels

Vidwall | Damage | Interior

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With 302 horsepower and 302 lb-ft of torque from a silky smooth 4.3-liter V8, the AMG C43 is a serious sports sedan that commands attention and respect. While only available with a 5-speed automatic transmission, it still manages to keep up with the BMW M3 and Audi S4 with a 0-60 MPH time of 5.8 seconds, proving that the old American musclecar formula for success still has merit today. The white gauge faces and color-keyed leather racing seats let you know that this is no ordinary C-Class Benz, but the subtle aerodynamic accents and tasteful bodywork maintain the understated "sleeper" look perfect for stoplight surprises. Graced with AMG-tuned mechanical bits and legendary Mercedes quality and reliability, the C43 is a 155 MPH wolf in sheep's clothing.

User Reviews

55 reviews have been posted for this car.

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Reviewed by FerrariMan on 2009-08-14 12:30:57 Rating: 10
Great work ;)

Reviewed by FM7 on 2009-01-02 08:44:53 Rating: 10
what??? someone gave this a SIX?????????????? DO they have a BRAIN???? Jeez!

Reviewed by FM7 on 2009-01-02 08:43:37 Rating: 10
WOW. Truly amazing! I am going to have to download all your cars, like right now. Medium-poly, scratch-made, damage-inclusive paradise. Great job! 10/10

Reviewed by afshin on 2008-05-05 05:15:23 Rating: 7
very very good. tank...

Reviewed by Mercedes-Benz Executive on 2007-08-06 04:40:34 Rating: 10
Top work! This recreation of such a fine car is definitely one of the best I have seen! I encourage you to create pieces of art such as this in the future. A good few models not too old are the SLK models, but since they are already in the game, 90's SL600 or 500 would be a great edition to your superb showcase. I would love to see more work of yours in the future

Reviewed by BigDADDY on 2005-08-29 08:33:31 Rating: 10
Now this Really is The Daddy's CAR!

Reviewed by Javin on 2005-08-13 03:20:52 Rating: 10
You're my God~ I come form CHINA~i'm your Fans!!! Please make more Benz,please~

Reviewed by on 2005-05-03 22:05:41 Rating: 10

Reviewed by MAB on 2005-05-03 21:46:30 Rating: 9
I own a 1998 c230 non kompressor and recently test drove a 1999 c43 AMG. Just for people that might be liking to know the difference aside of the fact the AMG has double the horsepower. The c43 ride truly is balanced and firm, very similar to many BMWs I have owned, and unlike the regular c230 which has only adequate suspension for anything other than relaxed driving. The seats in the AMG are MUCH better, air bladders and shape are much improved over standard. The automatic tranny (like all automatic benzes I have driven) was slightly quirky but got the job done no problem. The tranny is the c230 is the same way.

Reviewed by on 2005-04-25 07:32:36 Rating: 10

Reviewed by eli on 2005-03-20 14:37:10 Rating: 10
well i only had my 98 c43 for 5 months and i must say dam!!!!!this is a true work of art.from my two tone tuxedo white leather interior to my german plates. i have done some mods to it like cat back exhaust,optama red top battery,k&n filters,ams oil,a tune up,10,000k hid,carbon fiber grill,swaped the wood trim to the carbon fiber trim from a 98 c230,h&r springs and koni shocks.i even have a repair/service cd on it.its a bad ass car.

Reviewed by BahnBrenner on 2005-03-16 15:54:00 Rating: 10
So this is where all the owners actully say something about their cars! Well I was sold on the C43 even without the real-life reviews here. I've had my C43 for almost 2 years and must say its been a great car so far. I did get an extended warranty and used about $1400 of it. The rear differential was leaking, maybe from abuse from previous owner, and had to have it rebuilt. I've kept up with maintenance including precautionary care which isn't the cheapest but also not the worst - maybe $1500 per year. The milage is climbing steadily but the car still drives like new. I didn't care for Mercedes until I bought my C43.

Reviewed by Dave Carriger on 2005-03-15 11:13:22 Rating: 9
Unbelievable car - all that and a bag of chips.You must stay up on the maintenance.Don't believe what the factory says about the tranny not needing service until 100k miles.If you do you will be a prime example of " a foll and his money are soon parted " to the tune of about $6,000.00. Get a good mechanic and go out and have the time of your driving . I have a 1998 C43 and its with me till the end !

Reviewed by shane lawes on 2005-03-09 05:36:27 Rating: 9
a truly amazing car, i have worked in mercedes for 7 yrs and i have only ever seen these cars in for service, a reliable supercar!!! oh my god, a true wolf in sheeps clothing!! so much power and right through the range, these older mercs are far more reliable than the new models which suffer heavily from electric gremlins!! solid build, excellent handling, only down side is every petrol station attendant knows me as im forever filling up, but well worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by antonio on 2005-02-16 20:27:34 Rating: 10
this car is a perfect all round especially with the traction controll off going sidewoods .

Reviewed by johannes moesgen on 2005-02-08 10:31:52 Rating: 10

Reviewed by Jack3D on 2005-01-24 09:17:13 Rating: 6

Reviewed by bill on 2005-01-23 04:14:39 Rating: 9
i just traded my 98 M3 convert for the C43, most people said i was crazy. it is true the M3 handled like an indy car, but this was after new 18" tires/wheels, eibach springs/bilstein shocks, new sway bars, computer chip/exhaust, etc totally about $6000. without doing anything to the C43, it handled and drove as good as the bimmer with more room. plus, with only 546 made, i think the value will remain higher than the M3. if you are looking for a luxury thrill ride get an AMG. but you need to have a big bank account for maintenace if you are not mechanically inclined. sparks plugs alone will cost you $100.

Reviewed by Steve on 2004-11-13 22:31:00 Rating: 9
I bought my C43 AMG about 3 weeks ago, used, from a dealer. While I had researched the car a bit before going to see it, I had never driven a Mercedes before, so I had really no idea what to expect. Wow. It turned out to have all the whistles & bells, much more than I had expected. Handling, braking, pick-up, features... I agree w/ the negatives that others have posted, however, which makes it 1 point less than perfect and not a car to choose if you have small kids: road noise esp. on highways, smallish rear seats (because the trunk is 40" deep!!!), and stiff but highly manageable ride. What a find.

Reviewed by on 2004-10-22 13:04:28 Rating: 8

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