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Porsche 968 Club Sport

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Class: A
Serial #: 26
Downloads: 4757
Version: 3.1
Size: 2.1 MB
Rating: 9
Special Features:
Pop-up Headlamps
Visible Brakes
Vidwall | Damage | Interior

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Porsche believes in evolution instead of revolution, and the 968 is the last and finest in a long line of water-cooled Porsches based on the original 1976 924. With a 3.0-liter, 16-valve, inline-4 in front and a transaxle in the rear, the 968's 50/50 weight distribution makes for a perfectly-balanced car. It has earned accolades for its superb handling, and has been called "the best steering car ever built" by some automotive journalists. But handling is only half of the story. Using variable-valve timing to squeeze out 236 horsepower from the little 4-banger, the 968 is the most powerful normally-aspirated 4-cylinder automobile in production. This power is put to good use, propelling the 968 to 60 MPH in 5.9 seconds and eating up the quarter-mile in 14.4 seconds at 97 MPH. The 968 CS (or "Club Sport") is a stripped down model with 17" wheels and an upgraded suspension for the weekend racer. Good ideas just don't go away. But they do go 160 MPH.

User Reviews

27 reviews have been posted for this car.

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Reviewed by Vik on 2009-08-11 09:17:42 Rating: 10
Best car!

Reviewed by David on 2006-11-22 01:02:26 Rating: 6
Thats good

Reviewed by brandon on 2005-07-07 04:10:54 Rating: 5
the girls arms are to long

Reviewed by Alex on 2005-06-07 05:48:11 Rating: 8

Reviewed by on 2005-03-21 01:44:47 Rating: 10

Reviewed by popescu doru on 2005-02-19 08:40:57 Rating: 8

Reviewed by maslcar on 2004-12-30 03:04:09 Rating: 10
Love it. NFS 968 are rare.

Reviewed by Avid Merrion on 2004-12-29 09:17:53 Rating: 10
Mine goes round roundabouts faster than in between them - I cant work out why, only topped by my F40 in the style stakes.

Reviewed by goodie on 2004-11-29 10:18:33 Rating: 9
The only thing that could top it, is the awesome design of the 968 cabriolet. Could you make that too? thanks!

Reviewed by nico on 2004-11-05 14:34:54 Rating: 10

Reviewed by Irael on 2004-03-09 10:00:19 Rating: 8
the counter under RPM one is a pression indicator for Turbos ;) (in the interior)

Reviewed by Carol on 2004-03-08 08:42:41 Rating: 8
I consider it regrettable that there is little Porsche with front engine : Where are the 924, the 944 Turbo, the Porsche 944 S2...

Reviewed by Robbie Hanson on 2003-12-17 07:51:20 Rating: 10
I have never even heard of this car and I like it!! By the way, can I put it on my website? I'mn talking, just put a link to it here... The address is . And can I please make an NFS III conversion of it???

Reviewed by HRW ( i am a girl Now) on 2003-10-21 15:22:23 Rating: 9

Reviewed by driver968 on 2003-03-27 19:49:33 Rating: 10
Thats the car ive been driving since 2 years now...... 2 bad I don't have the money to repair it this year but..... next time you will see it on the street you will also see it with nice 18'' wheels and a brand new paint from the dealer ..........well I just love it

Reviewed by on 2003-03-27 19:47:27 Rating: 10

Reviewed by ME on 2003-01-20 19:38:20 Rating: 10
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by ZeratuL on 2003-01-02 21:28:23 Rating: 10
Just like the one in NFS 5.Just great.

Reviewed by Porsche4ever on 2002-11-12 19:37:37 Rating: 9
2000 Porsche 911 turbo, please!!!!!

Reviewed by Chris Hughes on 2002-10-26 15:24:51 Rating: 9
Now this is a really interesting option. Obviously, its one of the older, not so 'appreciated' porsches, but I still reckon its worth having. I think you should try and make the rear window more 'bold' though as I think it ruins the excellent work you have put into the rest of it.

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