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Porsche 968 Turbo RS

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Class: AA
Serial #: 47
Downloads: 3973
Version: 4.0
Size: 2.1 MB
Rating: 9
Special Features:
Pop-up Headlamps
3D Wheels, Visible Brakes
Vidwall | Damage | Interior

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If you thought the "regular" Porsche 968 Turbo S was rare - think again. Porsche produced only 4 examples of the 968 Turbo RS, making it one of the rarest of Porsche racecars. Originally designed to campaign in the ADAC GT and LeMans racing series, the 968 Turbo RS uses a competition version of its turbocharged, 3.0-liter, inline-4 that puts out 337-350 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of neck-snapping torque. Some cars have been modified to yield 490 horsepower with the same 1 bar of boost that came from the factory. With the right gear ratios, one can easily expect top speeds in excess of 185 MPH. 0-60 MPH is managed in a mere 4.4 seconds, and if you get nervous making a high-speed pass, you can move the adjustable rear wing to maximize the downforce on your rear axle.

User Reviews

19 reviews have been posted for this car.

Reviewed by Gmoney on 2006-04-16 08:00:09 Rating: 9
We need some more rides from you!

Reviewed by Aramis Batista Rodrigues oliveira on 2005-03-18 12:59:55 Rating: 9
nu!!! qs carro loko!!!!!!!!!!!!! mas nenhuma mulher resiste as cantadas dos meus pnus

Reviewed by on 2004-08-05 04:25:34 Rating: 10

Reviewed by on 2003-11-29 05:20:51 Rating: 10

Reviewed by on 2003-11-16 00:09:05 Rating: 10

Reviewed by john verkoyen on 2003-10-19 19:51:01 Rating: 9
a great sportscar,specialy when you think about the 4cyl.engine ,its much more then a regular porsche....

Reviewed by Chudmaska on 2003-09-15 08:45:03 Rating: 10
This is good.Very good. The best...

Reviewed by LUIS AMEN on 2003-07-26 14:39:25 Rating: 10

Reviewed by on 2003-07-25 18:54:57 Rating: 10

Reviewed by Raj Datta on 2003-06-20 23:05:07 Rating: 10
Very nice car with a great engine. Guess what, I just bought one of these rare turbo RS engines ;). I plan to make over 400rwhp with this engine at 1 bar using Garrett GT series turbo and a few other tricks. Raj

Reviewed by john nylund on 2003-04-10 03:54:04 Rating: 10
I might be partial becaus I owne a Porsche 944 turbo and I se this car as the ultimate ewolution of my car. The 968 turbo RS is a stuning car in bouth performans and stiling.

Reviewed by on 2003-03-10 17:55:52 Rating: 10

Reviewed by latif ghpdbane on 2003-01-01 03:18:39 Rating: 10
j'ai le dernier nfs6 mais il est nul a mourir on retrouve pas les need for speed d'autre fois et j'ai une catre graphique 128m d'ati radeon 7500 et je n'y peut meme y jouer rapidement tellement l'image est lente j'aimerai resoudre ce problem

Reviewed by irfan akhtar on 2002-10-04 15:21:50 Rating: 10
can u send me photos

Reviewed by NfsWiLL on 2002-07-01 02:50:00 Rating: 10
Yes! this was the car on icq,i was telling you,that i Liked the most back two year's ago. :) Im Glad it's still around! Cya :)

Reviewed by NFSracer on 2002-06-27 21:08:22 Rating: 10
Wow. nice car. and nice site also! :o)

Reviewed by Fivespeed on 2002-06-27 20:32:43 Rating: 10
This is my favorite car so far. Nice, clean textures. Love it.